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Sew So Cute

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

I’m sew excited to share with you all that I know about sewing for children. Children are my passion and there is nothing more fulfilling than creating handmade items for your little one or those connected to you. Not only can you enjoy sewing as a hobby, you can also make a living and great money selling your creations.

Cutuful Designs was born when I started sewing about 7 years ago when I became a stay at home mom. Sewing gave me an outlet. Being surrounded by children all day long was not an easy task, but every time I picked up some fabric and sat at my sewing machine all the current worries seem to escape me!! And boy did I feel free. Well at least I did until mommy duty called (sigh lol)

7 years later here I am sewing daily and teaching others how to sew as well. My motto is Sew Afraid!! I was so intimidated by the sewing machine when I first started sewing. I would mess up and grab the glue gun to fix all the problems lol. Great thing I wasn’t selling my creations at that time. (Lol) One thing I learned was to never quit and do it afraid. Now I’m here encouraging other moms, children, and small business owners to Sew Afraid. It’s okay to mess up, it’s okay to start again, but do not quit. Day by day you will get better.

I said all that to say….. I’m no pro but that which is in me I am happy to share with you. What God has gifted me with I gift to you.

Want to see live Beginner Friendly sewing tutorials? Join my Facebook Group:

Want to learn how to sew Boutique style clothing for girls and boys? Subscribe to the University:

Live in the Dallas Tx or Surrounding Areas and are interested in finding Kid Friendly Events and classes? Join my Facebook Group:

Here are some of the items I taught the group how to create. ⬇️

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